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Geotools MT

A Complete System for Magnetotelluric Interpretation MT, AMT, CSAMT

Geotools MT is a comprehensive package of all the software tools you need to process, model, and interpret your magnetotelluric (MT), Audio-frequency MT (AMT), and Controlled Source AMT (CSAMT) data.  Geotools MT supports both the explorationists and the research geophysicist.  Geotools MT provides the tools you need to:

  • Model your prospective survey
  • Organize and manage your data
  • Process and edit data and view results
  • Model and interpret your data
  • Display maps, plots, and sections for presentation of final results

The flexible Geotools MT framework incorporates all the most commonly used publicly-available codes for forward (1D, 2D, 3D) and inverse (1D, 2D) modeling.   The tools in the Database Manager facilitate organization of data, freeing the interpreter or researcher to concentrate on results.  The Interactive MT Processing module permits simultaneous viewing of multiple data displays to aid the geophysicist who interactively processes and edits data.  There are many options for customizing displays and viewing data throughout Geotools MT, but a carefully-selected set of defaults allows the production geophysicist quick and easy routes through routine processing and interpretation steps; while for the researcher or student there is a comprehensive array of data views and modeling options.