Geotools MT Software

Geotools Magnetotellurics Software

Interactive Magnetotellurics Interpretation Software for Resource Company professionals:
  • Land and Marine MT data
  • Data QC, Analysis, Editing, Masking, Inversion modeling,
  • Earth Model Building, with integration of seismic, well info, geo-referenced images, ancillary geoscience data
  • Windows PC platform, scalable hybrid database, modular design, plugin architecture
  • Linked interactive views; updating grids, maps, sections simultaneously
  • I/O compatibility with standard formats; EDI, SEG-Y, Gocad, Petrel Eclipse, Geomodeler, Geosoft, and flexible ASCII


Other Details - Extra:
Data display: Apparent resistivity, phase, tipper magnitude, azimuth, polar diagrams, induction arrows
Data manipulation: rotation, static shift, masking, resampling, Rho+ smoothing
1D modeling: smooth and discrete layer non-linear inversion

  • Pseudo-sections from MT data zarameters
  • Contour maps from attributes or 1D inversion results
  • Cross-sections from 1D, 2D and 3D models

•	10948_non-linear-inversion •	10948_non-linear-inversion

2D forward and inverse modeling:
Multithreaded RLM 2D smooth inversion code


Generic data

  • 2D elevation or attribute grids
  • Point and line features
  • Geo-referenced images on maps


  • Flexible multi-layer compositing on maps and cross-sections
  • Contour and pseudo-color plots with adjustable color-scale
  • High quality vector graphics output


Application framework

  • Single application, linked interactive views
  • Multiple screen support
  • Lightweight, scalable hybrid database
  • Modular design, plugin architecture


  • MT data: SEG EDI
  • Generic data: ASCII (CSV, column based)
  • 3D resistivity models in RLM (.out) format
  • Grids: Geosoft binary, ZMap
  • Bitmap images (bmp, png, tif, jpeg)


  • Microsoft .NET 4.5 framework, WPF graphics
  • Intel performance compilers and MKL libraries
  • OpenMPI and PETSc for parallel computation
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